Together for Victory Expands Hearts of Iron IV Next Week

Together for Victory Expands Hearts of Iron IV Next Week

The first expansion for Hearts of Iron IV is coming on the 15th December, and will radically shake up how the major members of the British Commonwealth play. Together for Victory will significantly change the game for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Raj (India) and South Africa with further knock-on effects to how Factions work in the game overall. Hit the jump for more information.

Setting the model for what will hopefully bemany future add-ons, Together for Victory brings new options to the Commonwealth nations.  The most important change is that the big five have been given unique National Focus trees, these are the lifeblood of Hearts of Iron IV, and while it is possible to play nations without unique National Focus trees, the experience can be a bit bland compared to the options for changing the course of history that the major powers have in the base game. I had a great experience turning Italy to democracy and thumping the Soviet Union after the Allies defeated Germany. A later game with Brazil was fun, but without unique development options, I was limited by the police force attitude of the United States. The alternate history options open to the Commonwealth states are exciting. The change to take the Aussies to total independence, and forming a new Pacific faction is more than intriguing while chaos could be unleashed by a Fascist Canada working with the Axis.

Of course, as is Paradox’s way, Together for Victory comes along with a bunch of free updates as part of the 1.3 ‘Torch’ patch. The Paradox developer diaries on the official forums go into greater detail of what will be in Together for Victory and the ‘Torch’ update.

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