Toki Tori 2 In Development, Shows Off New Features

Toki Tori 2 In Development, Shows Off New Features

The Toki Tori series of games may look all cute and fluffy on the outside, but the bottom line is that Two Tribes have created a challenging and creative platform puzzler for all ages. The recent and popular remake of the originals for the Steam and iPhone audience and the inclusion in January’s Humble Bundle for Andriod has helped boost the profile of Toki Tori. So much so that Two Tribes are currently in development of a entirely new set of puzzles and mechanics for a completely new game.

Two Tribes aim to make Toki Tori 2 a completely new experience with new challenges and mechanics and better yet it will be built and developed based on feedback from it’s fan base. Currently in it’s Alpha stage there is already a very basic demo version available to test, which shows off the new features. Gone are the multiple abilities like freezing enemies into ice blocks, teleporting and placing blocks to get you up to higher areas. Instead now you only have two abilities, whistle and stomp, which produce a variety of outcomes depending on the situation. For example, stomping next to certain blocks containing crab like creatures will cause them to move away from you clearing the path in front. Whereas whistling to the same blocky creature will move it towards you meaning you might be able to reach a higher area in the map. There are already lots of new creatures, new ways to move around the map such as portals and many new forms of puzzle available even in this very basic version. It all looks very interesting and very simplistic, but if the first Toki Tori is anything to go by this is just the tip of the iceberg and many challenging and clever puzzles will be included later on in development.

Maps are a lot larger in TT2

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