Tokyo 42! Frozen Synapse 2! Videos!

Tokyo 42! Frozen Synapse 2! Videos!

We love Mode 7 Games here at Reticule Towers, and we don’t need much reason to proudly proclaim our love for them. So here we are today with two videos to share with you, one from Tokyo 42 and the other from Frozen Synapse 2! Hit the break to check them out.

First up we have Tokyo 42 and a video exploring the art and architecutre of this wonderfully presented game. Maciek Strychalski, artist on Tokyo 42 goes in depth on some of the influences. You might be able to guess what he has been influnced by. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a city in Japan. Some of the detail and architectural references are beyond me, but I love seeing this game in action. There is always something new that catches your eye.

I have been promised by Paul from Mode 7, who are publishing Tokyo 42, that the game will be out “soon” with multiplayer and console certification to be tidied up.

The second video is of Frozen Synapse 2, one of Mode 7’s own in-house projects. It is the 24th video developer diary they’ve released! This one is pretty special as Ian from Mode 7 is showing off the new multiplayer game mode called Bomb Defusal. Think of the same game mode in Counter-Strike…and transfer it into Frozen Synapse and you have it. The game mode looks great, and perfectly suits the dynamic of the game.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on Paul’s Twitter, lots of good stuff about what the Mode 7 gang are getting up to over there.

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