Tokyo 42 in 4.2 seconds! Plus GAMEPLAY!

Tokyo 42 in 4.2 seconds! Plus GAMEPLAY!

Have you been waiting for new Tokyo 42 GAMEPLAY action? The recent trailer, which sneakily reveals the release date of the PC and Xbox One versions of the game as being the 31st May, is full of it! Check it, and more GAMEPLAY, out after the break.

Is it safe to assume you were all able to get enough hardocre GAMEPLAY action from that video?


What’s wrong with you people? I’ve been talking about this game since March last year where there was nigh-on two whole minutes of pure GAMEPLAY! You fools, you don’t know when you’ve had enough of the good stuff do you.

If you do want more of the good stuff, then you’re in luck as Paul from Mode 7 (the guys publishing Tokyo 42, it is being developed by SMAC Games) has been releasing a whole heap of videos full of that elusive gameplay.

He’s been releasing Cop Drop Daily’s for the past week and a half, this is the part of the game where brutal cops rain down terror on your head. Why? Because you killed some civilians you bad bad people! Daily #6 is well worth a watch, I won’t spoil it though.

If the video goodness isn’t enough for you, maybe these words that I have blatantly ripped from Paul’s press release are more to your liking?

Tokyo 42 is a hyper-stylish isometric open-world shooter. Framed for a murder you didn’t commit, you’ll delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue and…tactical cats.

Spin the camera to see every angle of this beautifully hand-crafted micro Tokyo, as you discover a huge range of weapons, secrets and stories.

Skilful shooting, bullet physics, sneaky stealth and crowd simulation all play a role in this ultra-colourful kinetic frenzy.

A single player open-world story mode and compelling multiplayer deathmatch arenas await in this unique and critically acclaimed action masterpiece.

So, in summary:

  • GAMEPLAY is good.
  • Tokyo 42 will be released on PC and Xbox One on the 31st May
  • It will be released on PlayStation 4 in mid-July

What are you waiting for? Add it to your damn Steam wishlist!


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