Tom Bramwell on Exclusive Reviews

Tom Bramwell on Exclusive Reviews


Tom Bramwell, the Eurogamer Editor, has written a very interesting blog entry concerning the issue of exclusive reviews. His blog came following Eurogamer’s exclusive Killzone 2 review.

Tom felt like explaining how the exclusive came about in order to shed some light on this process. He says that Eurogamer maintained full editorial control over the review at all times, something that Sony had no problem with. However, he does say that in other cases, publishers have restricted access or withdrawn advertising money to Eurogamer for carrying a bad review of a game.

If anyone is interested in finding out how the exclusive review works then I recommend reading Tom’s blog.

Don’t worry folks, if we ever get offered to do an exlcusive review by Sony for a PS3 game, we’ll refuse, because we stand by our principles. The fact we don’t cover consoles would have nothing to do with it. Of course, if anyone else offered, we’d say yes, but we’d obviously not compromise ourselves in any way, be it journalistically or sexually. Impartiality is king!

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  1. Yup. I personally believe that journalistic integrity is absolutely paramount. Under no circumstance will we ever compromise ourselves. Our mission is to make sure you make the right decisions when parting with your money to buy a game, and to give you totally independant views on things we see in the industry. The only way developers can improve is if we take them to the task, and that’s what we intend to do.

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