Tomorrow Corporation – An Interview

Tomorrow Corporation – An Interview

A new corporation has emerged, known simply as Tomorrow Corporation it is home to three indie developers getting ready to take over the world. Or make a game, like any corporation really. Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth), Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and Allan Blomquist (World of Goo Wii) are the masterminds behind this operation, here I talk to Kyle Gabler about Tomorrow Corporation:

The ReticuleWhat is Tomorrow Corporation all about, is it really about crushing tiny independent developers, and assimilating them into your corporate regime?

Kyle Gabler – Tomorrow Corporation isn’t evil at all. It just bulldozes over the little guys because it can’t see them way down there.

The three of us got bulldozed up into Tomorrow Corporation recently. Allan is the guy who can move bits around with his mind, and he previously helped get World of Goo on Wii with myself and 2DBOY. The other Kyle somehow made an indie game called Henry Hatsworth from within the walls of EA which is probably why Tomorrow Corporation scraped him right up when he left.

TRAre you planning on making a game, or will you all sit around and make cryptic comments?

KG – We are actually making a real game. Tomorrow Corporation is both developing, and in, the game.

TR What led to three indie stars coming together to create Tomorrow Corporation?

KG – We all met in grad school a few years ago. Some of our most glowing memories of those times were some crappy virtual reality projects we made together, like Hello World (link) and 3D Virtual Reality Pong (link).

Now we all live in different states and time zones. We all met up and went to Disney World recently, and got reminded that it’s a small world after all, which was probably a big lie back in 1960 or whatever when they were still just getting 4-lane highways installed, but now we have skype and google docs so it’s pretty true.

TRDoes Tomorrow Corporation have anything to do with World of Goo Corp?

KG – Yes! Nazi’s were a good villain for the 90’s. Zombies have been a pretty good villain lately too. But now that it’s 2010, the best new villains are giant corporations. They are everywhere. Like quiet ghosts. You don’t always know they are around, but sometimes you get a little shiver, and you know they are there, watching, collecting, providing great deals at low low prices.

TRWhat will the game you are making be about?

KG – We aren’t supposed to talk about the game yet until we’re sure what we have is really really good, and worth everyone’s time. Our goal though, is to make a game that cannot be compared to our previous games. They try to keep a lid on us pretty tight, but it smells like something’s burning.

TR Will it be in 2D, our favourite dimension?

KG – Of course!

TR What platforms will it appear on?

KG – All of them! We’ll see. It’s early.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting interview!

    Tired of reading PC + the name of a famous FPS in the same sentece as the only reason for being PC Gamer? Me too. But nobody talks about the huge freedom in PC for purchasing games throught different digital distribution services.

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