Train Sim Developers Morph into Dovetail Games

Train Sim Developers Morph into Dovetail Games

The developers of Train Simulator have gone under a rebrand this week. They will no longer be known as, they will be going under the guise of Dovetail Games and will be expanding the games they work on.

They have brought in ex-EA man Rob O’Farrell as new Executive Producer as they look to expand into a wider range of simulation titles. As CEO Paul Jackson said in the press release:

“I’m delighted to be announcing the birth of Dovetail Games. We are still completely committed to our Train Simulator products and our extremely loyal fan base, but we know that in order to continue to grow our business, as we have done year-on-year since launching in 2009, we need to reach out into other new areas. This gives us the opportunity to explore new simulation opportunities beyond the world of trains.”

The team will be looking to bring their works to PC and a variety of consoles, though the press release doesn’t specify what machines will be targeted. As you can read in Paul’s blog post on the announcement, Dovetail Games won’t be abandoning the Train Simulator franchise, and this move should lead to exciting times ahead for the company.

Look out for more details soon.

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