Train Simulator Developer’s Go Fishing

Train Simulator Developer’s Go Fishing

It was back in December when the developers of the Train Simulator franchise changed their name to Dovetail Games with some of their reasons for the change highlighted in my interview with John Rissik. Last week (and I’m a bit late on the uptake) the re-branded studio announced their next game, Dovetail Games Fishing.

Dovetail Games Fishing will model carp fishing at first using the Unreal Engine 4, but there are plans to expand to bass and fly-fishing further down the line. I imagine that the new fishing modes, along with new locations, will be released in a DLC schedule similar to what has gone before with Train Simulator. In the press release, it is indicated that the team at Dovetail will be looking to use Unreal Engine 4 going forward with the Train Simulator games. A big selling point for those fishing fans out there will be the promised Total Cast Control system which is being billed as an intuitive new method of casting and reeling in.

The fishing title is currently slated for a late 2014 release on PC, with other platforms planned for the future.

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