Train Valley 2 Comes Tomorrow

Train Valley 2 Comes Tomorrow

There’s a bunch of games due to leave Early Access in the coming weeks, some that I have long had an eye on (Rise of Industry, I’m looking at you) while others like Train Valley 2 have snuck up on me out of nowhere!

That’s clearly a failing of my journalistic abilities, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a game worthy of attention. The original got positive reviews, even if we only talked about the upcoming release of that! I promise to do better with Train Valley 2 and will take some time to write further thoughts on it after it launches this Saturday.

It’s a lovely concept to combine puzzling elements with traditional tycoon game mechanics. Add to that, a wonderfully cute art style and you have something that is going to steal my heart away pretty quickly.

Alongside the deep Company Mode which features 50 levels, there are numerous locomotives from across 6 generations of train with heaps of buildings and train cars. Special events, including launching a rocket, will feature and it comes complete with a level editor and Steam Workshop integration.


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