Transport Simulator – Most Definitely Not Euro Truck Simulator

Transport Simulator – Most Definitely Not Euro Truck Simulator

This is going back a few years now, but does anyone remember a little game called Garden Simulator? No, that is probably a good thing as it was just diabolical, but it was just one example of the awful ‘Simulator’ titles developed by Astragon. They’re back though with Transport Simulator, which sadly isn’t a SimCity style city builder, it is a rip off of the European Truck Simulator franchise from SCS Software. It might have one or two different vehicle types, but it looks oh so very poor. Catch the trailer after the break.

There might be one saving grace:

Some missions include having to drive a white van to the location of your truck and then using the truck to drive to a pick up point. Once your truck is all loaded and ready to go there will even be times when you’ll be followed by a colleague who will slow down traffic behind you by using their emergency lights on top of their vehicle. Whether you are delivering parts of a wind turbine, construction equipment or even other trucks, can you handle the pressure and face the challenge of manoeuvring these machines while completing important deliveries.

I wonder how well that feature really works? Would be great if you could do it in co-op!

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