Trials Evolution Track Editor Detailed – Avoid Using 10,000 Exploding Basketballs

Trials Evolution Track Editor Detailed – Avoid Using 10,000 Exploding Basketballs

Jani Karttunen, Game Designer on Trials Evolution has been talking to us here at The Reticule about the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title and he has revealed some details behind the brand new track editor. Hit the jump to see what Jani has to say about using the 360 pad to use the editor and the scope for experimentation you have with it.

When I saw a recent video showing off the track editor I was initially very sceptical about how RedLynx were planning on getting what looks like a complex editing kit to work seamlessly on a 360 pad. When I revealed my worries, Jani said “Obviously a gamepad is a challenging input device to get working for environments with multiple simultaneous user actions. However, I think we’ve pulled it off as our RedLynx track designers are very effectively using that exact same editor and gamepad to create the actual in-game tracks. And they do that on an Xbox 360, we don’t build our tracks or mini-games on a PC or some development system. It’s the exact same tool you get with the game.”

But if you are worried that the full editor is a bit much for you, there is a simpler version to use as Jani describes “Of course, you don’t have to be a professional to create tracks. Just launch the Lite Editor and you will have all the features and objects needed to create Trials tracks from Easy to Extreme. Track creation is easy to pick up but allows huge possibilities for experienced users.”

As the in-game editor is the same tool kit that RedLynx are using to make all the tracks for the game, it was imperative to find out exactly what this means you are able to do with editor. Jani told me that “you can also shape and re-texture the terrain, you can place and expand buildings, you can use more than fifteen hundred different objects (including variations), you can place effects like fire and smoke, and you can use the all-new trigger system to create a simple elevator or a complex skill game logic. Environment, lighting and camera settings can be modified to make tracks that look completely different from a “normal” Trials track.”

The only limits to what you can do with the editor lie in the limitations that are placed on the game by the Xbox, “if you try to create a level featuring ten thousand exploding basketballs covered with flame effects all on one screen, you will get into trouble,” Jani says, “as long as you are reasonable in terms of hardware performance and avoid having one thousand exploding basketballs, the only limit really is your imagination.”

Keep any eye out for the full interview with Jani later this week.

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  1. i guess the exploding basketballs will be fun, then.
    only thing is, now i want 10,000 ff them with flames all on one screen!

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