Trucking in the UK

Trucking in the UK

I have often found myself interested in truck simulator games, I like to wonder what it would be like to drive an articulated lorry around the motorways of the UK. Unfortuntately most truck sims have been focused on mainland Europe or America. Things are about to change though with the upcoming release of UK Truck Simulator from SCS Software.

UK Truck Simulator is slated for a February release and is being developed by the same people who made Euro Truck Simulator. In the UK version you will be able to travel between 18 famous UK cities using a variety of motorways and trunk roads. The real reason I am excited about this is my dream of setting up a haulage company based in Cardiff taking cement and timber to places like London, Glasgow and more importantly, Felixstowe. Sadly for all you truck simmers there isn’t a demo yet so I can’t see how SCS have handled the change to right-hand drive cabs. Lets hope that the traffic drives on the left too, we don’t want any European driving rules here.

7 thoughts on “Trucking in the UK

  1. Thanks, Chris! Curiously, I was never interested in truck simulator until this one.
    Have better graphics than I expected and the UK exotic touch for european drivers!

    I understand perfectly that you might not been intereded in previous truck simulators beacuse of the differences you find out in the way of driving. But look at this as an extra plus for foreigner “l

  2. “…not been interesTed..” & “because of”, Sorry, be indulgent! ;) (It could be worse: to be Jack “blame the videogames” Thompson)

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