Trucks and Trailers – The Verdict

Trucks and Trailers – The Verdict

In my day job (no, I don’t run The Reticule for a living sadly) I work at a supermarket and I often hang around the loading area watching the wagons come in off the road, drive into the yard, do some reversing manoeuvre and appear on the loading bay. Sometimes, if we have stuff to the side of the loading bay it will get hit by the wagon, those of us who witness such an event will laugh and have a few digs at the driver when he gets inside. After playing Trucks and Trailers, I solemnly swear that I will never laugh at them again.

Trucks and Trailers is the new game from the developers of UK Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator and German Truck Simulator, and as you can probably imagine, it is full of trucks. It is also full of challenges with over 50 different tasks to complete. You will be required to park your truck and trailer in some really awkward spaces. You may not think that real drivers have to do such challenging manoeuvres, but I have witnessed them doing so.

It isn’t an easy game for people who aren’t used to how these monsters move. The biggest challenge is to rewire your brain to get used to the reversing mechanics of these vehicles, steering your cab in the opposite direction to the way you want your trailer to go all the while making sure you don’t turn to such an angle your trailer becomes disconnected.

It is a fun trucking game in its’ own right, but it lacks anything beyond the challenges to keep you going. UK Truck Simulator had the whole career mode, and I can’t help but feel that Trucks and Trailers would have been better suited as an expansion for the core Truck Simulator game. As it is, you will likely feel a bit short-changed from the retail price of £24.99 for what really should be an expansion, not a full game release.

A lower price point would work wonders for Trucks and Trailers, but it really isn’t worth it for the price, however fun the challenges are. It is a good game that will provide a few hours of fun, but it doesn’t match up to the depth provided by the Truck Simulator titles.

Verdict – Off Target

Platforms available – PC
Platform reviewed – PC

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