Two Massive Indies – Now Released(!)

Two Massive Indies – Now Released(!)

Today, September 13th 2018 will go down in history as the day two indie mega-hits were released. Frozen Synapse 2 and Megaquarium are both out now.

Frozen Synapse 2, on Steam for £23.79 is a turn-based sequel to the Head Shot rated Frozen SynapseComing from Mode 7 Games, this sequel brings a new twist to the classic turn-based combat of the original. There is a living, possibly breathing, city called Markov Geist in which you will fight for control against a number of AI opponents. Follow the story, take your own path, it’s all up to you. But when you enter combat, the classic turn-based combat the highlighted the original returns, complete with new units and level geometry.

Check it out right now, we’ll have our Verdict soon.

Megaquarium comes from Twice Circled, the team behind Big Pharma which I somehow never delivered a Verdict on (though there are some Let’s Play videos on our YouTube channel). You can find Megaquarium on Steam for £17.54 until the 20th September (£19.49 thereafter), a bargain entry price to the chance to run and manage your own Megaquarium. Brush up on your economic management skills, and keep your fish healthy and staff happy. It might also be worth looking after your staff as well.

Tim Wicksteed, developer and head honcho at Twice Circled has already confirmed he is working on cloud saves along with Steam workshop/mod support, and based on player feedback, will look to evolve the game further.

Check it out on Steam, and keep your eyes peeled for our Verdict.

If you want to chat with us about the release of these magnificent indies, or anything else, hop onto our Discord channel.

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