UK Music, the IPO and Aardman launch Music Inc.

UK Music, the IPO and Aardman launch Music Inc.

A group of powerful voices in the British media industry have come together to launch a game on Android on iOS. The game is called Music Inc and comes from UK Music, the IPO and Aardman animations. It puts you in the shoes of a managerial figure of a fictional band which you must try to guide to success through managing their style and PR through to how they release their music.

There is a very clear anti-piracy message, every time you release a song you see how many legal sales it receives along with the number of times the track is pirated. People shouldn’t be surprised at this slant considering it has come from UK Music and the IPO which is involved in copyright enforcement alongside its work on Patents and Trade Marks. I’ll leave it to you to judge how effective the message is, but reading some user reviews there are a few people who don’t take too kindly to the anti-piracy message.

The truth is the game itself is quite fun to play, it isn’t a massive time-sink, but for a free game without any in-app purchases, it is quite enjoyable. I’ve had a dabble with a grunge rock band and am currently scraping in the pennies as I release music through download and streaming channels while sending the band to tour various pubs and clubs. You can grab it now from the Google Play store and iTunes Store.

(Image and video courtesy of the IPO.)

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