Unlock Your Inner Child

Unlock Your Inner Child

Despite all the spam, copy-paste PR announcements and completely irrelevant information we receive in the Reticule’s inbox, every now and then something truly exciting will turn up. Tonight, just when I was considering turning in for the evening, a little gem landed on our doorstep in the form of The Inner World, an absolutely beautiful point and click adventure from Studio Fizbin

For me it was love at first sight. This is artwork that wouldn’t be out of place as a Saturday morning cartoon, I mean just look at it – if it was a painting, I’d have it stuck on my fridge.  The graphical gaming cliches of ‘brown’ and ‘gritty’ have no place here, no, this is a place of happiness, delight, and for some reason, large noses.

Starting out in 2010 as a student project, The Inner World has blossomed into something truly extraordinary, promising an atmospheric and humorous story full of bizarre characters and environments that I can’t wait to explore. It’s due for an imminent release on Steam, or if you happen to have one of those Apple thingies, it’s available right now on the Mac AppStore

But is it as fun as it looks? I have no idea, but this week I certainly intend to find out.

[youtube id=”tv9Ma_kNcao” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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