UnRailed!: Preview

UnRailed!: Preview


Unrailed! is a rogue-a-like train buiding/survivial/whatever game by publishers Daedelic Entertainment and developer Indoor Astronaut, and of the many game release and news emails I received this week (i’m looking at you Ed.) it’s the one that really stood out for me.

The game centres around an unstoppable train of death (I may have made the death bit up) which requires ground to be prepared and track to be laid to keep it moving. The scenery is randomly generated, as too are the inhabitants of said scenery, and it is up to you to navigate the railroad through to keep the train moving.

There is resource management, of sorts, where you need to gather the resources you need on the fly to build the track to keep the old train runnin’. There appear to be upgrades, a host of really cool looking procedural terrain and the aforementioned train of DOOM. I may have made the Doom bit up.

The press release also mentioned the following key features:

  • Roguelike procedurally generated worlds for immense replay value
  • Unique obstacles, geographic peculiarities and strange inhabitants to interact with
  • Endless mode offers constant new challenges with varied difficulty settings
  • Crafting elements: railroad tracks do not construct themselves
  • Co-op multiplayer: online or locally in Party Mode
  • Versus Mode for competitive track-laying

I have to say I like the look of it. The distance markers on the bottom are going to add a real competitive-replay value for me and I think it could get pretty intense when you’re close to the end of the track…

This is pegged for early access in summer 2019, and if I can get my hands on it, I’ll let you know if it lives up to the premise!

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