Uprising Competition Winners

Uprising Competition Winners


The votes have been counted and verified in our Red Alert 3: Uprising competition. Do you dare find out which three entries had the best haiku? Hit the jump to find out.

The first winning entry is this one from Nichols Cassidy:

While taking a nap,
She shot me in the damn rump.
Tanya, what a bitch.

The second winning entry is one from Steve Skoufalos:

In Yoshiro’s base
“You’re very moody for bear”
The Conscript told me

The final winning entry is a gargantuan effort from Shachaf Ben-Kiki, and while there is more than one Haiku here, we all liked at least one of them sufficiently:

My price: two-two-five.
Such low cost for what I do:
Attack attack dogs.

The path to the water,
To some units treacherous,
Is easy for me.

With a Shumov-3,
No one stands against my roar.
Prepare to be mauled!

If the shocks would stop,
I could go back to the wild.
How I hate Tesla!

Sometimes I wish
My giant Uprising friend
Would come to help.

Without my support
Our glorious Union
Would crumble to death.

Perhaps about now
Is the right time to stop this.
It’s getting silly.

All you winners will be hearing from me very soon with you key for Uprising, and while you download the game you may as well check out Steve’s review of it.

Finally, honourable mention goes to this entry:


Thanks to all for entering!

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