Valve Launch Steam Music Beta

Valve Launch Steam Music Beta

Valve clearly aren’t content with the SteamOS and In-Home Streaming as they launched the closed beta of Steam Music earlier this week. To have a chance of gaining access to the Beta, you have to be chosen from the Steam Music Group. Unfortunately I haven’t been enrolled yet, but our friends at have.

The guys at ValveTime have been fortunate enough to play around with the Beta already and have put together this neat video to show off it off.

At the moment the Beta is limited to the Big Picture mode, but will be shortly coming to normal Steam. You can play any music you have stored locally on your main Steam machine, or stream it through the in-home streaming Beta. I haven’t seen any mention from Valve just yet on whether they will be supporting services like or Spotify, but I think it would be a poor move if they weren’t to be included in Steam Music in some way. Either that, or Valve will be launching their own rival service.

This just goes to show how Valve’s Steam empire is expanding all of the time, how long until Steam has taken over the world?

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