Valve launches Steam Trading

Valve launches Steam Trading

Steam’s new trading system went live on Tuesday allowing you to trade your in game items and gift copies of games with other people. Currently this only covers Vavle’s own Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Three Ring Design/Sega’s free to play MMO Spiral Knights but discussions are underway for Valve to incorporate more developers within Steam Trading.

This new development is sure to peak developers interests as it has already proven popular with TF2 and if more people are buying and trading items then more income is generated for the companies involved. Personally I think Steam is already a great service offering the newest in gaming releases as well as regular discounts on games and collections. If this proves to entice more developers to Valve’s digital store then the benefits will no doubt be passed down to the customers who buy the games with Steam having a proven record of fairly priced gaming and the occasional free DLC.

Valve released an update to allow users to view an inventory within their community profile showing all the items they have that are tradable. Depending on your current settings this profile is made public or private by default allowing others to see what items you have available for trade.

Steam Trading was trialed last month exclusively within TF2 for items and game gifts. The community responded well to this new feature trading over a million items and setting the way for for an official launch with two more games added to the list.

Vavle have created trading forums and a Steam Trading area to their support section for anyone who is experiencing problems or needs help with understanding the new feature. Expect many more games to be added to Steam Trading in the near future.

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