Very Tasty Battlefield 3 Trailer From Gamescom

Very Tasty Battlefield 3 Trailer From Gamescom

I have now gone from admitting that Gamescom is growing on me to flat out being able to say that I love Gamescom. Seriously, it is an event that has brought us that amazing trailer for the multiplayer side of the game, guns, jeeps, choppers and, most important, the jets.

This trailer was shown after two chaps from DICE showed off the new co-op mode running on the PS3 which indeed looked very impressive, but didn’t come close to the jaw dropping action show in the trailer at the top of this post. The map is called ‘Operation Caspian’ and it is the first sight of Battlefield 3 action on what looks like a really large multiplayer map. The jet cockpits are very impressive and I can’t wait to get behind one of them, even if it just to crash within seconds of taking off. Part of me wonders how they are going to handle on the consoles, but that is something to think about another time.

EA have also been kind enough to release a bunch of new screenshots which are handily placed below for your viewing please, click to see full size.

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