Videos Galore – Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and More!

Videos Galore – Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and More!

If you want to go to just one place to find embedded videos for all of the latest games, then you’ve found the right place as this evening, I bring videos for Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and more! What are you waiting for? Hit the break to check out some new(ish) videos with differing levels of editorialisation.


If there is one thing that will convince me to play Wolftenstein (apart from getting destroyed when playing it at the Eurogamer Expo last year) it is the over-the-top yet deadly-serious promo videos like the one above. It opens with a montage of what football would be like if the Nazi’s had taken over the world before getting to the resistance, guns, driving sequences, guns, mechs and did I say guns? Doubtless it will be a fairly brainless shooter with few real plot points, but is that such a problem all of the time?

The Evil Within

I’ll be avoiding The Evil Within like the plague, horror games really aren’t my cup of tea. I avoided the FEAR games because they were just looking a tad too freaky for my sensibilities. However, I know that this is quite high on the wish-lists of many, especially one of my friends from my old place of work. Whether it will be what he is hoping for, I’m not sure. It just isn’t for me.

Watch Dogs

The new trailer for Watch Dogs is all about showing off the special PC-effects that Ubisoft are cramming into the game thanks to their tech hook-up with nVidia. What made me pay attention to this trailer more than some recent ones was that it showed off more of the world outside the core centre of Chicago. I saw open water and fields! There might be more to Watch Dogs than hacking in a built-up city. I flip wildly between really want to play this and being wary of it all going wrong…I just fear that people might flock to it in droves and find it really off-putting to play. I sincerely hope not, new IP is the lifeblood of the industry, we can’t just rely on Call of Duty and Battlefield to keep things going.

Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame is coming from Spiders, the team who had worked on Mars: War Logs which I reviewed last year. This trailer features narration on the crafting system, skill trees and the bestiary all the while showing off some violent fantasy-action. I surprisingly enjoyed War Logs despite some faults, so I’m not running away from this one. I know that I won’t have time to play it to its full potential, but it is looking fairly good.


I’ll wrap things up with an RTS, not Wargame: Red Dragon this time, but Etherium which is another title being published by Focus Home Interactive. It is a sci-fi RTS with three different races and a non-linear campaign. Kind of C&C like perhaps?

The Crew

I couldn’t help myself, this a new trailer for The Crew a massive open/multiplayer driving game coming out this winter.


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