Void Destroyer Hits Kickstarter

Void Destroyer Hits Kickstarter

Back in January I mentioned a little project named Void Destroyer, a Homeworld inspired strategy game set amidst the stars. Half a year further along in its development, Void Destroyer’s creator has finally seen fit to stand alongside the big boys and brave the hostile, judgemental climes of Kickstarter.

In development since 2009, Void Destroyer is the labour of love of Paul Zakrzewski, an indie developer with a simple dream – to create a genre-crossing, all-encompassing space strategy game the likes of which has never been seen before.

However, Void Destroyer stands out from other space games, and not only due to finding inspiration in a game that has been pretty much left to rot by its IP holders. Instead of forcing himself to decide whether to produce a space shooter or an RTS, Zakrzewski decided to not bother and instead just make both, an insane hybrid that allows you to command great starships to close on their targets, and then dive into a fighter to fight in the battle yourself.

Its a crazy objective, but if it works the way its supposed to, then RTS fans, combat gamers and sim fans alike will all potentially find something to enjoy here. I’ve always been more a planner of strategies than a fine pilot, but being given the opportunity to do both in one game is a prospect that intrigues me no end.


More importantly than that, Paul is promising that modding his game will be a simple affair, something that its historical predecessor Homeworld seemed to make as difficult as possible for its avid fans. Zakrzewski has promised his game will be fully moddable. By avoiding as much hard-code as possible, Void Destroyer should allow the modding of all aspects of its interface and ships, down to even the cutscenes themselves.

At time of writing, Void Destroyer is already over half way to its target, standing at $13,000 of a hopeful $20,000 conclusion. Projections are looking hopeful for a successful Kickstarter for this intriguing little project. Rare for Kickstarters, Paul is prepared to put his money where his mouth is – You can download an alpha build of the game right now from here, before even pledging any money to his cause. Play it for yourself, and if you like what you see I’m sure he’d appreciate a couple of space-credits being thrown his way.

You can visit the project’s main website here and its Kickstarter over here, but before you do that, here’s a small presentation.

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  1. Modding is not a “promised feature” – it’s all there – even in the alpha – and people are already modding it. =)

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