Wa-hey! Super Mafia Land

Wa-hey! Super Mafia Land

The fedora is adorable. For some reason.

Saw this over at the always-reliable Indiegames; Super Mafia Land, something that Armour Games have been teasing for a good long while now. As you’d expect, it follows the tale of moustachiod men picking up turnips and lobbing them at little men with masks on, all the while jumping far higher than they’re supposed to be able to, and going through all manner of gateways and pipes. Ok, I didn’t see any pipes, but these are Mafia guys, not plumbers.

I didn’t get past the first level, to my shame, and that wasn’t due to my own ineptitude at most games. Actually, it was because the first boss seems to have no visible way of being defeated, beyond standing on his head and waiting for him to tire himself out. I didn’t have that kind of time, so I just ended up dying as I tried various different ways of defeating him and his anatomically confusing projectile eggs that originated from his mouth. Really, hasn’t that been done before somewhere?

The game itself comes together rather nicely, with nice little platform elements and a cutesy enviroment, and seeing a Mario-like in a trenchcoat jumping around is certainly worth it. You’re given a selection of three characters, but after trying out the big burly hitman type I just went with the Mario-a-like, as his jump is so much better than any other benefit. And the boss still killed me.

Shades + Walrus Moustache = Awesome

You can play Super Mafia Land here.

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