Wallace & Gromit Demo Released. Does Not Contain Cheese.

Wallace & Gromit Demo Released. Does Not Contain Cheese.

Can they really use 'Grand' again, after 'Grand Day Out'? You decide!

The Demo for the new, Tell Tale Games developed adventure game version of Wallace & Gromit has been released, and you’ll be pleased to know it’s rather good. It’s simple, amusing, and contains fingerprints. It features the first part of the first episode they’re releasing, called ‘Fright of the Bumblebees’, and involves substituting pepperpots for chess pieces, tickling a giant queen bee and tricking a crazy old veteran into giving you his snail.

The animations are largely solid, although sometimes the mouth movings suffer a little too much from Tell Tale trying to stick to the claymation look of W&G, and just coming off as slow framerates. Similarly, the voice acting is mostly good, except for Wallace’s voice being ever so slightly off. I think it’s one of those things that’ll get better as the series get on, as by the end of the demo I wasn’t really noticing it. The graphics, too, are pretty good, with the aforementioned fingerprints being there, but not in your face. And, of course, as with previous Tell Tale games, the puzzles are simple, but enjoyable. You can grab the demo here.

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