Watching the Watch Dogs

Watching the Watch Dogs

In all the hubris of E3 there seemed to be a running theme. Aside from the copious numbers of bow and arrow action, many of the stuff shown had been very safe, very comfortable. That is until the end of Ubisoft’s presentation…

Entitled Watch Dogs, the game appears to be a fantastic blend of GTA’s free roaming city based shenanigans and Deus Ex’s hacking, with a bit of Splinter Cell’s more recent action direction thrown in for good measure. In the demo – which we’ve included below, we were shown how you as the player are able to hack a multitude of electronic devices for your own needs, for example cell phones to distract guards and traffic lights to cause accidents as you sulk around what appears to be Chicago’s seedy underbelly at night. In development for over two years at Ubisoft Montreal, no mention has yet been made of platforms or release dates -only the game’s website, and a brief QR code that pops up in the footage takes you to a seemingly in-universe website with perhaps more clues, but nothing more concrete than that. still, if the ten minutes of footage -with a slightly different ending to that shown at the event – below is anything to go on, this is certainly one we’ll be keeping our eye on in the coming months.

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  1. This looks potentially awesome. I’m glad to see new settings appear and original mechanics – admittedly reminiscent of Introversion’s experiments in Subversion – are always welcome.

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