We Don’t Need No Budget: Half Life 2 Fan Movie

We Don’t Need No Budget: Half Life 2 Fan Movie


The Purchase Brothers have put together a 6 minute film set around a group of rebels escaping City 17 after Good Ol’ Freeman blew up the Citadel. The really interesting thing about it, is that this video is mind-blowingly well produced. Allegedly only on a $500 budget, I hate to think how good these guys are with their CGI knowings to be able to do most of it for free or through favours. What they did for those favours I won’t even dare to speculate, but if this is just the first of many little shorts, I’m going to be one happy gamer.

Some of the vehicles in the film do seem to be taken from the game and just touched up a little, but really, they still look brilliant and near-real. The Combine suits are excellent, and the Citadel is rather breathtaking. It really makes you realise how little you have mastered when you see someone put out something like this. At least in this case I don’t mind feeling that inferior, as I’ve got Half Life 2 goodies to enjoy. Video below.

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