Welcome Laurence and More Stuff!

Welcome Laurence and More Stuff!


Lovely readers, I would like to take this moment to introduce Laurence Elliott to the staff here at The Reticule and explain a handful of other changes taking place. The comment/sidebar problems are being worked on.

Firstly I would like to welcome Laurence to The Reticule, like myself he has been on work experience at PC Zone and he is ready to write some top-quality stuff with us here. He doesn’t have a bio page yet, but he shouldn’t take too long to get that sorted. You can find his first article, a majestic retrospective look at Mass Effect here.

Onto to other things then, as we said last month all of your feedback from the survey was greatly appreciated, and soon a few slight changes will be occuring. This mainly revolves around the sidebar, ‘The Best Bits’ and ‘Interviews’ sections are ready to go under the knife and see some changes.

Also on the right of the page you can see we now have some ads! Don’t worry, we are not ‘selling out’, we simply recognise that we need some money coming in to start covering hosting costs. If you have any problems with ads making noises or anything like that, please get in touch so we can remove the offending ad.

We have also made a couple of tweaks to the comments, after being missing in action for many months, avatars are back! Just use a PG rated avatar of Gravatar and you are sorted. You have to use the same email address on Gravatar as you use here to make it work.

Before I go, don’t forget that you can follow us on Twitter and chat to us in our Steam Group.

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