Welcome to Flight School – New Dovetail Games Flight School Trailer

Welcome to Flight School – New Dovetail Games Flight School Trailer

While we here at Reticule Towers were hibernating over the winter period, Dovetail Games quietly announced that they were releasing two new flight sims this year. While we won’t see the fully fledged Dovetail Games Flight Simulator until later in the year, the smaller, more caring younger brother, Dovetail Games Flight School is due this April and has a genuinely exciting new trailer out. Hit the break to find out more.

I haven’t really invested any time in flight games since Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 or Microsoft’s first Combat Flight Simulator, but maybe the time is coming for me to take to the skies again. Having enjoyed leisurely adventures in European Truck Simulator 2, and more fraught signal watching travails in Rail Simulator from Dovetail Games in recent years, to take myself off planet earth and explore skies might be just what the doctor ordered.

This looks like it will clearly be a friendly testing ground for budding pilots, the official website reveals that the game:

Gets you straight into the cockpit with compelling, interactive missions and challenges that will get you flying like a veteran in no time. Choose from two highly-detailed aircraft which are individually tailored to different in-depth experiences. Meanwhile, your Pilot Profile, which is unique to you, tracks your achievements and licenses throughout your career, whilst also acting as a log book so you can watch your hours stack up on your way to becoming a fully-fledged pilot.

While Dovetail Games have flying history with their recent re-release Microsoft Flight Simulator X on Steam, they aren’t going it alone for Flight School. They have been working in conjunction with Orbx Simulation Systems who have created a number of detailed mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Writing on the official Flight School website, Dovetail Games’ Creative Director Stephen Hood, says:

“We are incredibly excited about working with Orbx again on Flight School. Orbx represents the pinnacle of what can be achieved in terms of in-game scenery, so collaborating on these titles was the obvious choice for us. We are deeply committed to partnering with both new and existing content creators to create the best possible combination of technologies to power our simulators. This is only the beginning.”

Are you looking forward to the chance of taking to the skies in Flight School, or are you someone who will cherish the memories of Microsoft’s last entry in their fabled flight sim series?

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