What Happened to Half-Life Decay?

What Happened to Half-Life Decay?

This past week saw GameInformer drop a massive article charting Andrew Reiner’s longstanding quest to unearth information from Valve on the latest goings on with their most famous franchise, Half-Life. What emerged was a lengthy interview with an inside source, which pretty much confirms that Half-Life is all but dead. The article though prompted me to revisit an old home – valvetime.net, or as it used to be know, halflife2.net. What did I find? An interesting article looking at Half-Life Decay.

Decay was an exclusive series of co-op missions that came with the Gearbox developed PlayStation 2 version of Half-Life in 2001 and sees two doctors, Colette Green and Gina Cross, work with Dr Keller in first setting up Gordon’s infamous experiment that starts the whole shebang, and later complete other missions which tie-in with Gordon’s adventures in the main game. It is one of the few co-op games I have actually played to completion, most of it completed in one playthrough with my best mate on a Saturday afternoon, the two of us huddled around a small TV in my bedroom working our way through the puzzles.

The valvetime article fills in some of the blanks around the development of the game with some ex-Gearbox employees providing the information. For instance, the team at Gearbox were originally planning on a 19 mission story, but as Valve were already working on the story for Half-Life 2, missions had to be cut or radically changed to ensure narrative continuity between Decay and Valve’s new project. For anyone craving some Half-Life related gossip, the article is worth a read, and offers a welcome insight into one of the forgotten pieces of the Half-Life world. Indeed, if you want to try Decay these days, there is a guide on how to get it working on Steam.

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