Where are the reviews? For your information.

Where are the reviews? For your information.

I imagine you are all wondering where a few of our reviews are hiding, conspicuous in their absence are RAGE, Arkham City and Battlefield 3. Well, let me give you all a little update about where we are with these games.

RAGE – Michael is currently working on his review, he has been kept very busy recently in his job, but he is working hard on it. This will be a review of the PC version.

Arkham City – We have had trouble getting our hands on this one, our review copy has been lost in the post somewhere. A second copy is currently on its way to us, if that arrives then Ben will be on the case pronto. If we don’t have any luck again, we shall wait for the PC release.

Battlefield 3 – We haven’t received a review copy on any format so we are waiting until the UK retail release this Friday. I will be tackling this one myself on the PC.

Meanwhile, you can expect our usual array of other reviews appearing regularly, as a taste you can expect reviews of Rugby Challenge, FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4, London Underground Simulator, Farming Simulator 2011 (Platinum Edition), Tintin and WRC 2 amongst others to appear over the next few weeks.

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