Who Says Games Aren’t Like Films?

Who Says Games Aren’t Like Films?

I just recently solved this lesson with a simple pendulum. Soooo many ways for each level, buy it!

Found this over at Offworld; an extremely elaborate way of solving one of Crayon Physics Deluxe‘s levels by creating an astonishingly well done and, frankly, artistic counter balance of WALL-E and EVE, with a heart as the pivot. It’s just adorable, and, much like the film, involves EVE pulling WALL-E along as he’s entirely fixated by something small and interesting. Ok, that was a little soppy, but you can’t help but love WALL-E. The whole thing is done by ‘Jimmy Gunawan’, and the video is embedded after the cut.

Crayon Physics – That Darn Pole, featuring Wall-E from Jimmy Gunawan on Vimeo.

You can download the demo and buy Crayon Physics Deluxe here.

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