Why I Couldn’t Get Along With The Curse of Nordic Cove

Why I Couldn’t Get Along With The Curse of Nordic Cove

I’ve been trying to play The Curse of Nordic Cove recently but I just can’t make any progress with it. It has a great concept, but the action itself is putting me off. Find out why after the break.

It sounds perfectly brilliant with elements of shooting, hand-to-hand combat, golf and more. The story even involves ancient Vikings! And yes, I did say golf as well as in the first chapter you must complete a nine-hole round finding runes to stop the Vikings while fighting off the ghostly Viking beings. When I read about it I was very keen to get playing and even more so after seeing the below trailer for it.

Yes, you certainly can say that it looks a bit rough around the edges, but the premise had won me over. However despite a promising opening where you pick up a set of golf clubs and take to the driving range, things start to go downhill when you get onto the course itself in chapter one. You start playing your nine-round of golf as part of an attempt to find mystic runes which will help stop the evil Helfdane the Terrible. You soon though come across various Wraith’s who attack you even when you are lining up your shot. Your defence comes in the form of a Golf Ball Gun with extremely limited ammo and your golf clubs. Clubs which break after slightly too much use and NPCs who don’t do anything to help…even though you would assume they are there to give you more ammo or golf clubs. The random corpses of slaughtered golfers add to the eerie vibe that surrounds the course, but you don’t get any obvious sign on what you loot from them.

All in all, it is a game that some people will probably really get along with and enjoy. It isn’t for me though, after dying for the tenth time on one hole, fleeing to another hole and repeating the same process. Maybe if the difficulty was tweaked or the rough edges weren’t quite as rough I would have wanted to carry on. As it is, I’m leaving it to one side. If only it had lived up to the lovely intro.

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