Financial trouble for Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers

Financial trouble for Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers

I checked on the blog for SCS Software and found their latest post bringing up the one year anniversary of their blog. However, it doesn’t make for joyous reading as they reveal there are some financial concerns surround the development of European Truck Simulator 2.

They reveal that they definitely won’t be able to release the game this year, largely due to over ambitious plans for what the game would feature. They have been able to get their planned new features into the game, but not at the quality that is required for release. The following paragraph is perhaps the most disconcerting though:

“Taking so long comes with big costs, literally. The amount of time (and as a result, money) we have already sunk into development is putting us into very dangerous position – we may not ever be able to get the development costs back from the sales. Truck sim genre is really a small niche of the games market, the PC games and “big” games in general are in decline overall with the mobile/tablet gaming revolution, too. We are afraid that no matter how good a game we may be able to develop, the sales will still be worse than ETS1 sales.”

If they are not able to recoup their development costs with the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2 you really have to wonder how the team will be able to continue working on new titles. Hopefully sales will beat expectations, but in such a niche market you can’t be sure. I’ll be keeping my eyes on the SCS blog to keep tabs on how they are doing.

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