WRC Game Reveals Game Modes

WRC Game Reveals Game Modes

Games feature game modes, and it is important for people to know what modes are available in a game. It is especially important in a racing game, you sometimes get a so-called rally game which in actual fact features very little real rallying. It is pleasing then to read that WRC, the official FIA World Rally Championship videogame includes lots of rally driving.

The game, being made by Milestone is slated for release on the 8th of October and has plenty of features to get all of you rally enthusiasts pumped. You have all of the official drivers and co-drivers from the WRC, and in an interesting twist, the P-WRC, S-WRC, J-WRC are all fully featured in the game as well.

You may wonder why so many classes are needed, the simple answer is the ‘Road to the WRC’ game mode. In this mode you will be tasked with starting from the bottom of the rallying ladder (presumably in the J-WRC) and raising your profile until you are able to compete in the full WRC and challenge to become the champion. You will be able to create your very own team and decide on which challenges to take part in to earn money and fame. As is to be expected you can then buy new cars and customise them with your own liveries and logos. Sounds exciting no?

Well yes it does sound exciting, a rally game focused on real rally driving with what seems to be a deep and immersive career mode. I have one slight concern though, while there are 13 different rallies to take part in, each rally only has 6 stages. In the real WRC each rally normally has at least 15 seperate stages. This is the one problem I have with what is known about the game so far. Anyway the latest trailer is below and is full of nice looking crashes.

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