X-Com 2: Trailer Break-Down

X-Com 2: Trailer Break-Down

Ok, I promised you a trailer break-down for X-COM 2, and here it is…. you (didn’t) asked for it…


0:19- cityscape and some important text-based information. It’s set in the future, 20 years in the future. 20 Years after ‘unification’, or loosing the war.

Bolton, in 20 years time...
Bolton, in 20 years time…

0:23- Syndicate anyone?

Now, where did I leave the Gauss Rifle...
Now, where did I leave the Gauss Rifle…

0:33- A busy street with (what I am assuming is) your team moving in the background.

Sneaky-Sneaky, Catchy-Monkey
Sneaky-Sneaky, Catchy-Monkey

0:43- All together now: PROPAGANDA!

Hmm, either he's helping him up, of that's one HELL of a slide tackle..
Hmm, either he’s helping him up, of that’s one HELL of a slide tackle..

0:46- Those black posts with the red scanning beams are security towers. If there were a stealth or ‘undercover’ element to this game, i’m betting that these will feature heavily.

Red means good... right?
Red means good… right?

1:00- I like this shot, a lot. Your squad are sneaking up on a checkpoint. ‘Life’ appears to be going on around them as they’re yet to be discovered. Also cool drone-y thing! We’ll see more of that in a moment.

Getting to the objective
Getting to the objective

1:02- The hoods. Really? HOODS? sigh.

The new Assasain's Creed game looks great...
The new Assasain’s Creed game looks great…

1:15- A ‘manned’ security checkpoint. These could be an interesting mechanic in-game. Or just a focal point for combat.

Next... What? NO! You can't bring in a Cantaloupe!
Next… What? NO! You can’t bring in a Cantaloupe!

1:26- SNAKEMEN, I guess we won’t be seeing any Thin-men this time around.

He looks Happy
He looks Happy


1:43- See, even Snakemen don’t like hoods. Looks like a similar attack to the Seeker. These guys(?) are going to be tough.


1:54- The new ‘Bad’ (the Snakemen don’t count).

All he wanted was a hug... and some skin.
All he wanted was a hug… and some skin.

1:58- SWORD, also terrible technique- from a martial arts point of view… ahem.


2:07- Oh why the hood. The HOOD. Also- carrying an injured or downed comrade… is that now a thing?

He's not heavy....
He’s not heavy….

2:09- The Dropship’s back; well it wasn’t going to be a VW van now was it…?

Beams... BEAMS!.. Idiot...
Beams… BEAMS!.. Idiot…

2:31- Presumably, your new base- eat your heart out S.H.I.E.L.D.


So, very interesting. Obviously, I’m reading a lot into the trailer and trying to extrapolate from what is clearly intro or cutscene. I do like the hints that it may not all be out-and-out combat (though of course, I loved XCOM’s combat), it’d be an interesting extra dimension, also, penalties for civilian casualties (such as resources drying up) could add another layer of ‘panic’ to a combat scenario.

Colour me excited. The minute I hear more, you’ll hear it too.

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