XCOM: Enemy Within Diaries – Part Four, A Heroines End

XCOM: Enemy Within Diaries – Part Four, A Heroines End

Let’s recap. Everyones dead. They’re all dead. They’re dead. NO ones alive, they’re all dead Dave. I mean Steph. If you want the full tale of how we ended up in this sorry predicament, I kindly advise you to read these posts.

An Abduction mission pops up and I load Steph, alone, into the VTOL to face her destiny.

The VTOL arrives at an abandoned factory. The air whipping below it’s landing struts, tugging at all loose detritus as Steph descends, cautiously from within it’s belly. She sweeps her shotgun over the parking lot; nothing. With a look of grim determination she dashes across to the nearest cover and waits, silently, holding her breath. Nothing, no sounds, no movement. Nothing.

One (wo)man army
One (wo)man army

The building in front is a single story drab affair, with cracked walls and grimey windows. It’s small, but there are indications that it expands into something bigger behind, though it’s hard to tell from this angle. There are two windows and a door, but knowing the enemy a door would likely be suicide, so Steph creeps around the side of the building. The rough brickwork scrapes her arm as she risks a peak into the interior; empty. A door on the opposite wall shows her where to go, but not what lies beyond.  She decides to enter and cautiously creeps to the door, listening hard. The lighting flickers slightly and she glares at the door suspiciously.

What was that? That was a sound for sure, but nothing she recognises..shotgun in front she opens the door and peaks inside. Meld! There’s a Meld cannister! But wait, what was that behind?

A brief glimpse of something; a confusing jumble of metal and limbs, no, tentacles, before an electric-purple shimmer pulls it from the visible spectra. A cold chill works it’s way down Steph’s spine.

Maybe coming on this mission alone wasn’t the best idea…but the commander seemed sure. Something about not having enough writers? Steph hadn’t understood but had dutily followed orders.

The last thing Steph see’s are the metallic tentacles slipping around her neck, a slight pause as she’s brought face to face with her assailant, then all the life is squeezed out of her.

Her limp body thumps to the ground.

Well, that could have went better.
Well, that could have gone better.

Game over, and I didn’t even get time to build the Nick memorial-statue…

2 thoughts on “XCOM: Enemy Within Diaries – Part Four, A Heroines End

  1. Yeah, you didn’t even get the chance to go out in a blaze of glory. Just a thud… Ironic that the seekers would appear for the first time you’re on your own thoug!

    Agree on the tentacles btw :-) never understood it myself.

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