Xenonauts Hits Kickstarter With New Demo

Xenonauts Hits Kickstarter With New Demo

Chris England’s spiritual successor to X-com, Xenonauts is nearing completion and has the funding from pre-orders to get released on Steam and Desura. However, in order to maximise the potential of the game Chris has launched a Kickstarter with a goal of raising $50,000 by June 10th. In his own words, Chris says “We’re hoping that the Kickstarter will raise enough money that we can pull together a small full-time team in London, and will give us the financial breathing space to be able to make something really special”.

Of course, as the team already have enough money to complete the game, if the Kickstarter fails the game will be released and will be in good shape. If the Kickstarter is successful, Chris says the game will be better and released more quickly. The money raised will lead to planned improvements to the game itself (see below), but possibly more importantly, it will allow the entire team work closer together and move towards a clearly defined studio set up which will invariably help with the spit and polish of the game and to hit deadlines. Chris has listed some of the ideas that he will be looking to introduce to the game if the Kickstarter is successful, they are:

  • New UI
  • Animated battlefield tiles
  • High quality research-screen art
  • Combat suppression mechanics
  • Soldier medal system
  • Battlefield motion detector
  • UI art updating to reflect game progress
  • Intro / Outro movie (in the monochrome painted style of the Homeworld cutscenes)
  • Encouragement for modders (eg. our Soviet Weapons pack)

If you want a taste of the latest development build of the game, there are demo links on the Kickstarter page. As of writing, 85 backers have pledged $3,723 to the fund.

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