Yes Your Grace – EGX Hands On

Yes Your Grace – EGX Hands On

One of the first games I checked out at EGX this year was Yes Your Grace, the upcoming kingdom sim come father sim from Brave Night with No More Robots handling publishing duties. I wasn’t expecting to see Yes Your Grace having missed the initial announcement a few weeks ago. Rather I was playing Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition (on which I’ll have more soon) and saw Yes Your Grace elsewhere on the No More Robots stand.

It immediately caught my eye as something that I had to check out, and as soon as a spot opened up I was all over it. The demo started at some point in the future, a point where your kingdom is about to face an onslaught the likes of which you have never seen.

After speaking to some advisors, you take your king to the battlements where you are posed with some choices; you can give your troops a rousing speech, instruct them to open fire…or raise the white flag and surrender.

I of course chose to give an inspirational speech, while the person playing next to me decided to surrender, a decision which promptly ended their game.

My words to the troops didn’t help much, leading to a scripted defeat and flashback a few months to a time before the kingdom found itself at war.

It’s from this point that the game opens up and you get to do kingly and fatherly things. You sit at your throne and receive visits from your friendly tax collector who fills your coffers, peasants who want you to spend money and provisions to keep them safe and happy. Agents, such as a general who featured in the demo, can do some dirty work for you by venturing out into the world via your strategic map.

Perhaps the most important interaction comes with your family. You quickly learn of a threat to the kingdom if you don’t wed your daughter to a rogueish figure, while the squabbles between children also require your attention.

As the weeks progressed, I decided that wedding my eldest to a friendly king’s son could secure a military alliance. A wedding was planned while I arranged for supplies to be stocked up in case of attack.

The demo ended with the wedding, and me ever so keen to see more. Flavours of Game of Thrones and Reigns: Her Majesty ring through, which paired with an enchanting art style make for a very exciting proposition.

There is a rough release date targeted for early 2020, and things are feeling pretty polished already. Definitely one to keep an eye on, and an early contender for my game of the show.

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