You Should All Look Forward to October 26th

You Should All Look Forward to October 26th

Everyone, please put a note in your diary or on your calendar for October 26th. Make sure you have no pressing engagements, it is a big day.

It is the day that three immensely exciting games are being released on the PC, we will see Deathspank, Shank and The Ball all being released to the masses.

Ex- 360 and PS3 only titles Deathspank and Shank will be available on Steam seperately or in a special Shank and Spank offer for just £16.98 It has also been confirmed that The Ball will be released on the 26th as well for $19.99, Steam link detailing pre-order bonus which is free DLC for Killing Floor featuring the protagonist of The Ball as a playable character, is not live yet.

October 26th then, a day to look forward to.

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