You’ll Need Paper: Kyle Gabler Drops Some Knowledge

You’ll Need Paper: Kyle Gabler Drops Some Knowledge

He's a talented programmer, an artist, a musician, AND he's hip? So not fair!

The Global Game Jam is going on this weekend, in 53 locations in 23 countries in 48 hours, as they so eloquently put it. And to kick it all off, and the crazy game making that will result from the whole thing, they’ve got Kyle ‘Annoyingly, brilliantly talented’ Gabler to provide a keynote speech/what to do to not have your quick little game crash and burn. It’s extremely interesting, highly amusing, and demonstrates one of the many reasons why he can make such great games; he really seems to know his shit. I’m sure we’ll have more GGJ news as and when it becomes available, including some of the no doubt batshit crazy games that are going to be made in the next few days. Remember; Tower of Goo was a quick little proof of concept much like what’s going to be made soon. Hopefully we’ll have another indie hit birthed.

Here’s the video:

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