Zeno Clash on Sale! Before It’s Out!

Zeno Clash on Sale! Before It’s Out!

"But what do you mean, pre-purchase sale?!" "Suspiscious, I know."

This is a whole new tact for Steam: a pre-release sale that only lasts 24 hours. Zeno Clash, the oddball melee-heavy fps from developers ACE Team, is reduced from £14.99 down to £7.49 (that’s $19.99 down to $9.99 for our US readers.) for 24 hours only, which means that at 8pm (GMT) tomorrow (Friday the 20th) it’ll go back up to 25% off the full price until release. I’d guess this is a clever ploy to get a rather large amount of people who had a little interest in the game grab a copy while it’s on the cheap, but I doubt anyone is going to be complaining.

It’s an interesting concept though, as the ‘impulse buy’ doesn’t really apply, as you’re not getting the product you want. It’s like running into your nearest gaming retailer and ordering a dozen games while drunk. It’s not really something you’d do. Either way, you are getting the game cheap, which, judging on how interesting the game looks from the trailers, and from all the good little tidbits we got out of ACE Team in our interview with them, well worth a purchase. You can purchase it through Steam, or through the Steam website, here.

3 thoughts on “Zeno Clash on Sale! Before It’s Out!

  1. Awesome!
    And who hasn’t ordered shit off Amazon (or your online retailer of choice) while drunk? No one, which I’m pretty sure is the same thing as going into your retailer. Though I wasn’t quite sure of your point with that whole statement anyway…

    Awesome Zeno Clash for cheap!!

  2. I think my metaphor became a little tangled. My point was you buy cheap games online while drunk, but when there is no game to be had yet, you’re less inclined to do so. Or something.

  3. We still don’t know much really about this one, other than its pschadelic nature. But at 50% off I’m willing to make a stab in the dark with it, Got mine

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