Chris Evans’ Bio

Chris Evans’ Bio

Chris Evans. Your Street. Yesterday.

Chris ‘Evo’ Evans is a long time gamer, and a not-quite so long time games writer. Chris has a rich history of writing about games, his first port of call was as a Staff Writer on the leading Half-Life 2 fansite, Half-Life where he still writes to this very day.

Writing for Half-Life gave him a taste for serious games writing, as such he decided to go one step further and set up his own site. Chris’ first website was the now defunct, a Command and Conquer fan site. His work on put him in touch with the guys at the Command and Conquer 3 mod, Tiberian Dawn where he spent a short while working in the PR section.

Since his Command and Conquer related endeavours Chris has really branched out, he has his own PC gaming blog known as Evo’s PC Gaming Blog commonly known simply as

Chris has also had work published on and he used to be regular contributor on 411 Mania in the games zone. Chris has also worked with the crew at the PC Zone magazine during the 2008 E3 week.

If you want to get in touch with Chris personally you can e-mail him at yuriiisaac(at) or chris-evans-wales(at)

Turn the page for an interpretation of Chris by The Poisoned Sponge.

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