Scoring System

Scoring System

Our scoring system here at The Reticule is pretty simple. We want to release ourselves from the triviality of percentage points or the blanket statement of a mark out of ten. We’ll basically tell you if it’s worth buying, or not worth buying. Occasionally we’ll tell you that you pretty much must buy a game. And once in a blue moon? We’ll present a game so unbelievably good that cherubs will descend, blessing its awe inspiring magnificence with the collective blessings of our scribes.

Here are the basic ratings:

A Pretty Bloody Good Game

A Pretty Good Game

A Not So Good Game

From time to time, we’ll also award a game “Red Mist”. We’ll have all agreed between us that it will become a classic, imitated by the masses for years to come.

A Bloody Brilliantly Great Game

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